Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Nationalism and Spirit Games

A successful leader does many things to bring a group together. One of these major things is evoking a sense of nationalism. For this, I have a leadership parable.

At my school, we put on an event called Spirit Games. Each girls dorm is paired with a boys unit, and they become a team. They wear the same colored t-shirt over uniform the day before the games and the effect is fascinating. Nobody knows everyone at our school, but during Spirit Week, those wearing the same colored shirt suddenly have an incredible bond together in competition. Then when a leader is able to harness this aesthetic power toward the greater good of teamwork, a sense of nationalism together in the same color is born.

Although this is mainly due to the colored t-shirt effect, there is something to be said about building a team/group through patriotic events. When everyone is committed to something, they are more likely to be diligent in their work, and in this case, competition. However, some year even when colored t-shirts are worn to define each team, some people are simply not committed due to lack of good leadership.

Spirit Games is tomorrow, and we have the t-shirts and the leadership. We have the ability to harness the competitive spirit of our team through the group's patriotism to the yellow t-shirt. We might come from two different dorms, but together we thrive under a sense of nationalism and good leadership.

Happy Spirit Games!

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